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As a national arts service organization, we offer over twenty-five programs that promote and protect playwrights. Through this work, we also provide many opportunities for the public to access, explore, and enjoy the work of playwrights.

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“PGC’s programs have helped introduce my work to hundreds of new audience members across Canada and, in turn, helped me see my own work in many new lights.”
– Jordan Tannahill

Our Services

Contract Negotiations

Every three years, we negotiate collective agreements with the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT). These contracts set industry standards and help playwrights when they negotiate their own contracts with a theatre.

(Copies of standard contracts can be accessed from the member dashboard.)

Professional Contract Guidance

As members, you can send your contract-related questions to us, so you can have greater clarity and peace of mind when you sign the contract. Email your queries to

RSP Program

For all members whose work is produced by PACT theatres, we have negotiated a minimum RRSP payment on Stock, Premiere and Commission PGC/ PACT Contracts.

Amateur Rights Licensing

An amateur production is a production by a school and community group. We can help you secure the rights for an amateur production. Apply here.

Skill Building

We offer an array of programs focused on capacity building and skill development for both emerging and established playwrights. We also bring networking spaces and workshops to your cities to help you connect with local community members and other theatre practitioners.

Professional Development Workshops

Throughout the year, we organize professional development webinars and workshops for our members. You can access past webinars in the member resources section of your member dashboard by signing in.

Creator Exchange

Creator Exchange connects playwrights with other theatre practitioners, bringing them together in a space where they can discuss their current and upcoming projects and network. Upcoming Creator Exchanges will be announced on our social media and in our newsletters.

Playwrights Conference

Each year, we host a gathering where the playwriting community comes together to network, co-create and celebrate. Every other year, this gathering is organized in partnership with other Canadian writing organizations (to jointly host the Canadian Writers’ Summit).

Promoting Plays

We have an array of programs specifically designed to sell, distribute and promote plays by our members, whether published or unpublished. As a part of our ongoing efforts to highlight plays by women, indigenous, trans, POC and other underrepresented individuals, we curate unique collections of these diverse works for the public.

Canadian Play Outlet

Designed as a theatrical book browser’s paradise, Canadian Play Outlet will showcase over 2,000 plays (both hardcopy & digital) in our beautiful brick and mortar bookstore. You can also shop online!

Copyscript Program

Member play scripts that are currently out of print or have not been published are made available in digital format and can be purchased through Canadian Play Outlet.

StageReady Program

Member play scripts that are ready for stage, but haven’t been produced yet are made available in digital format and can be purchased through Canadian Play Outlet.

Sample Script Program

We strive to bring together playwrights with producers and educators by offering sample copies of unpublished scripts upon request. You can read more about the program and make a request here.

Promoting Playwrights

It is our commitment to providing the highest degree of support to playwrights that drives us to design programs focused on not just promoting plays, but playwrights themselves. These platforms serve to amplify voices of playwrights, and help them connect with their audience.


PlayConnect is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. This program directly connects playwrights with communities and audiences all across Canada. Playwrights can apply for this funding OR a Host can apply on behalf of the playwright. Watch a video to learn more about the program here.

Women’s Caucus

The Women’s Caucus was established to meet the particular needs of PGC members who identify as women. The group meets annually, publishes a monthly newsletter, and pursues various initiatives that advocate for women playwrights, improve the underrepresentation of women in the industry, and encourage greater pluralistic and inclusive arts practices. Click here to learn more.

Tom Hendry Awards

We have a number of different awards for playwrights and announce the winners each fall at the Tom Hendry Awards. To learn more about award-winning playwrights and plays, visit our Awards page.

Featured Playwrights

Every month, we interview a PGC member about their life as a playwright. You can read past featured playwright interviews here!

Curated Newsletters

We curate monthly newsletters to deliver the latest news, opportunities and resources to both members and non-members. Archives of the CanScene and Women’s Caucus newsletters can be accessed through the member dashboard.


Our monthly e-newsletter for members features opportunities for playwrights, the Executive Director’s message, insightful articles, upcoming workshops, annoucements of awards, competitions, new programs and much more. Become a member today to start receiving exclusive content.

Community Newsletter

Each month we bring the most relevant content and community news to playwrights – from latest events, themed catalogues of new plays, book sales to playwright stories. The community newsletter is free and open to everyone. Subscribe here.

Women’s Caucus Newsletter

Written for PGC’s Women’s Caucus members, this monthly newsletter is a great resource for female playwrights. Get access to everything from women-specific playwriting opportunities, interviews with artistic directors, writing tips, guidance, equity updates and more.

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