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Thank you for donating to the Playwrights Guild of Canada. Your contribution is important and deeply appreciated. When you donate to PGC, you are contributing to an enormous community of Canadian storytellers. The stories we see on-stage would not exist without the creativity, ingenuity and tenacity of the playwrights who bring them to us. Your support allows us to offer services and programming to playwrights and to promote the creative rights and interests of these creators. Ways to donate:

  1. Use our secure online form
  2. Call our office at 416-703-0201 to speak to our Office Manager
  3. Mail cheques payable to Playwrights Guild of Canada to: Playwright Guild of Canada (PGC), P.O. Box 60022, Queen Beverley P.O., Toronto, ON  M5V 0C5

$50 for 50 Years PGC turns 50 this year, and to mark the occasion, we are inviting our supporters to join us by making a $50 donation in honour of 50 years of championing playwrights! Learn more about how to participate in this incredible milestone by visiting our campaign page HERE. Tom Hendry Awards Sponsor a Tom Hendry Award $5000+ Each year we host an annual awards competition honouring Canadian playwrights in a wide range of categories, including the RBC Emerging Playwright Award,  Drama, Comedy, Musical Awards, and Bra D’Or Award, Lifetime and Honorary Membership Awards. The writing awards offer cash prizes directly to the winners who are recognized in a ceremony that takes place in the fall each year. The awards are named after Tom Hendry, a founding member of PGC who passed away in 2012.  Leave a Legacy Planned Giving is an important and meaningful way for you to contribute to the Playwrights Guild of Canada’s national success. Leave a gift in your will and support the next generation of playwrights. For more information contact

Registered charity number: 107849101RR0001

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