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Playwrights Guild of Canada and the Canadian Play Outlet are pleased to be able to offer sample copies of unpublished scripts written by our members that are available in the CPO.

We are currently only offering sample scripts to those who are considering using the content for a future production, reading or for educational purposes, not for general interest, auditions, or other purposes. Sample scripts are available by request only, and apply only to digital copyscripts, not published paperback books. To submit a request, please fill out the form below.

Our goal in this, as with the Play Distribution Program generally, is to generate new relationships for our members with producers, educators and the wider theatre community.

Please note the following terms and conditions apply:

  • This program applies only to digital scripts from the Canadian Play Outlet. We are unable to provide sample copies of paperback plays. Not sure if the play you’re interested in is digital? Check the title here. If it doesn’t have a red “Digital” flag, or if a digital option isn’t available above the “Add to Cart” button, it is a paperback;
  • PGC will not fulfill sample requests for collections of monologues;
  • Response times for requests may vary, as we will contact our playwright members directly for permission when a sample is requested. Please allow up to two weeks for a response;
  • Playwrights will receive all information provided with a request (if this is a problem, please get in touch with us before submitting your request);
  • PGC’s sample scripts consist of a portion of the script in order to provide a sense of writing style and tone. Full scripts are available only for purchase through the Canadian Play Outlet;
  • Sample scripts are shared through Google Drive (a Google account is required), cannot be printed/copied/edited/shared, and will expire after 30 days;
  • There is no fee to receive a perusal script, however we encourage those who receive a sample script to make a small, optional donation to PGC to reflect administrative costs and the value of our members’ works

If you have any questions about scripts, please contact

To see our full collection of Canadian plays, visit the Canadian Play Outlet.

To apply for performance rights, click here. For any questions or to find out more about amateur performance rights, please contact

  • Requested Play Information

  • Your Information

  • Please let us know why you are requesting access to this script (e.g. considering staging a future production, etc.)
  • Please include anything else you think PGC or the playwright should know!
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