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When you become a PGC member, you get an entire team behind you that works with and for you to support, promote and protect both you and your dramatic works. Let us take care of the business-side of playwriting for you, so that you can focus on the writing. Learn about the benefits below and join our growing community.

Full Membership


  • Your bio, profile picture, and play listings published on PGC website;
  • Inclusion in PGC’s RRSP program with PACT production contracts;
  • Use of PGC/PACT negotiated production contracts;
  • The sale and international distribution of your plays (both published and unpublished);
  • Guidance on production contracts, copyright, and artists’ rights;
  • Honorariums and travel subsidies to read from your work (see PlayConnect);
  • Access to grants, submissions, and job postings;
  • Access to professional development opportunities, including workshops and webinars;
  • Eligibility for the Tom Hendry Awards;
  • Promotion of your work through PGC’s publications and social media channels;
  • Subscription to the monthly membership newsletter;
  • Administration of amateur production rights, if desired;
  • Invitations to all PGC events, including the annual conference and AGM;
  • The ability to stand for office on PGC’s National Forum and various committees;
  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting;
  • Inclusion in the Writer’s Coalition health insurance program, if desired.


PGC’s full membership is open to individuals who fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  • You have written, collectively written, adapted, or translated a play, musical book, or libretto that was produced by a professional theatre, or by a company or festival that receives funding from a municipal, provincial, territorial, or national arts-funding body for a full-length run.


  • You have written, collectively written, adapted, or translated a play, musical book, or libretto for which the work’s production met all of the following criteria:
    • the decision to present the work was made by a jury of professional peers or an artistic director;
    • the play was presented for a minimum of six performances;
    • the production was open to the public, tickets were sold, and the playwright was paid (shares are an acceptable form of payment).
($155 + $20.15 HST)

Student Membership

If you’re currently attending an academic institution, you can become a student member of PGC, and receive benefits such as using PGC/PACT negotiated production contracts, consultation on production contracts and artist rights’, promotion of your professional and amateur works, eligibility for Tom Hendry Awards, and subscription to the monthly membership newsletter.

($20 + $2.60 HST)

Supporting Membership

This membership package is designed for individuals who do not qualify for full membership. Supporting members are eligible for the Tom Hendry Awards; they have access to PACT/PGC negotiated production contracts, as well as PGC’s resource materials, and membership newsletters; in addition to consultation on business matters and artists’ rights; and the promotion of your work.

($35 + $4.55 HST)

Estate Membership

Estate membership offers an amalgamation of supporting and full membership services at a reduced cost to help keep the legacy of deceased playwrights alive. Estate Membership includes:

  • A profile presence for the playwright on the PGC website, accompanied by a bio, photo, and “clickable” listing of the playwright’s works (published and unpublished), which are offered for sale and performance rights through PGC’s website, and the Canadian Play Outlet (CPO), our physical and online bookstore, which allows PGC to promote and distribute plays to an international audience.
  • Recently-added works featured in our “New Collections” catalogue of copyscripts, which is advertised in PGC’s Community Newsletter, on social media, and via other communiques.
  • Promotion of play productions, as PGC will help spread the word and advertise performances, readings, and other events through our social media channels, newsletters, and website listings.
  • The facilitation of amateur production rights (for a 10% commission fee, PGC will handle all of the correspondence, contracting, and royalty collection).
  • Advice and behind-the-scenes negotiation strategies for professional production contracts, as well as reviews of professional production contracts prior to signing.
  • Access to all of PGC’s resource materials (the majority related to the business of playwriting).
  • Receipt of CanScene, PGC’s monthly membership e-newsletter, which features interviews and pertinent news related to the playwriting community.

To learn more, or take out an Estate Membership, contact Rebecca Burton, Membership Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my membership?

You may pay by cash, credit card, cheque, or electronic fund transfer.

How long is my membership term?

Membership covers a one-year (365 day) period, starting from the time of activation.

How do I renew my existing membership?

You can log in to your membership account and access your payment details there to update your account.

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