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PGC’s Women’s Caucus was established to meet the particular needs of women and women-identified playwrights. Presently, Women’s Caucus activities are overseen by a committee consisting of Kelley Jo Burke (Deputy Chair), Rebecca Burton (PGC Staff Member), Beverley Cooper, Marcia Johnson, Frances Koncan (Chair), and Deborah Williams.

The Women’s Caucus meets in person at PGC’s AGM in June, and it stays in contact with its members throughout the year with a monthly Women’s Caucus Newsletter, edited by Elyne Quan, a Facebook page, and the occasional online meeting.

The Women’s Caucus undertakes various activities and programs to assist its members, such as an annual gender-based Theatre Production Survey. In 2018, the Women’s Caucus will be: rebooting its AD Interview series (found in the Women’s Caucus Newsletter); launching PLEDGE (a Production Listing to Enhance Diversity and Gender Equity), a database of large cast (6 or more characters) plays by Canadian women that targets post-secondary institutions, community theatres, and more; and releasing a ranked list of un-produced or under-produced, well-received plays by Canadian women called The SureFire List (similar to The Kilroys List in the United States).

The Women’s Caucus also administers PGC’s annual Bra d’Or Award, which recognizes a theatre professional for his/her/their support of women playwrights. Past recipients of the award include: Brian Quirt – 2006; Hope McIntyre – 2007; Katrina Dunn – 2008; Eric Coates – 2009; Andy McKim – 2010; Philip Akin – 2011; Rachel Ditor – 2012; Robert Metcalfe – 2013; Mary Vingoe – 2014; Rebecca Burton – 2015; and Diane Brown – 2016. The Bra d’Or Award was not granted in 2017, as it is undergoing a review and reassessment for greater impact.

If you have questions about the Women’s Caucus, a project that you think we should undertake, or if you would like to become more actively involved, contact one of the Women’s Caucus Committee members, or PGC’s staff rep, Rebecca Burton (

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