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The CASA Award

The CASA Award is an initiative of the Playwrights Guild of Canada’s Women’s Caucus in partnership with the African Women Playwrights Network. Started in 2017, the CASA Award supports an experienced, woman-identified playwright living in South Africa by providing her with funding, writing space, and dramaturgical mentorship.

If you would like to make a donation to the CASA Award, go to The Playwrights Guild of Canada Donation Page and choose option #2: “CASA Award Mentorship.”

Visit the CASA Award’s official Facebook page and learn more HERE.
                                                         Contact CASA at:
Recent Announcements:  Read the press release for the 2021 CASA Award Winner, Tiisetso Mashifane wa Noni, HERE.

Equity in Theatre

In existence from 2014 – 2017, EIT was a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at remedying gender and other related inequities in the theatre industry. It involved Artists Driving Holistic Organizational Change; Associated Designers of Canada; Canadian Actors Equity Association; Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario; Deaf, Disabled, and Mad Arts Alliance of Canada; Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance; Literary Manager and Dramaturges of the Americas, Canada; Pat the Dog Theatre Creation; Playwrights Guild of Canada; Playwrights Theatre Centre; and the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. Through a multi-pronged, intersectional, and inclusive response involving the community as a whole (artists, stakeholders, and audiences), EIT promoted dialogue, generated greater awareness of and exposure to women theatre practitioners, and developed community-based action plans to help redress industry imbalances. Projects included a 2015 gender-based research study of the industry with recommendations, an sectoral Symposium, a Conference with American groups, a dedicated website with various resources, and live social events, such as play readings, discussion panels, hackathons, and more.

To visit the EIT website, click here:

The P.L.E.D.G.E Project

Pledge is an acronym for a “Production Listing to Enhance Diversity and Gender Equity.” Providing a fully searchable database of large cast plays (6 characters or more) by Canadian women, Pledge offers a tool to help improve the number of women playwrights and other underrepresented voices produced on the mainstages of post-secondary institutions, which is less than 20% currently. Schools are invited to make public performance pledges to help raise awareness and increase the representation of women and racialized communities in theatre training programs and beyond all across the nation. There are over 400 plays to choose from!

To visit the website, click here:


SureFire is a community-generated resource inspired by the Kilroys; an American group that produces an annual catalogue of high-quality, un-produced and/or under-produced plays by women, non-binary, and trans folks to help redress marginalization. For our Canadian rendition, theatre aficionados (or “Recommenders”) across the nation are nominated by PGC’s Staff, Women’s Caucus, and National Forum (Regional) Reps, and they are asked to submit their top three “passion picks” for under- or un-produced plays by Canadian women, trans, and non-binary creators. We gather the results, tabulate the findings, and release SureFire biennially to provide the industry with a valuable resource and “sure-fire” means to help identify new and remarkable, production-ready plays.

Learn more HERE.
To see the SureFire 2018 results, click HERE.
Read the press release for SureFire 2020 HERE.  
VIEW the SureFire 2020 results HERE.
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