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“Redbone Coonhound” by Amy Lee Lavoie and Omari Newton

We're excited to offer four brand-new audio plays in our 2021–2022 Listen to This: Audio Play Series. Each entertaining, thought-provoking work is created by a Western Canadian playwright who is affiliated with our Emerging Playwrights' Unit or Silver Commissions Project. Subscribe for just $30 (reg. $40) and get all four audio plays in their entirety…

$10 – $30

Beyond the Sea – by Kristen Da Silva

Victoria Playhouse 20 Howard Street, Victoria, Prince Edward Island

On a pier in a small town a pair of strangers begin a conversation that would change the destiny of two lost souls forever. Theo is waiting for a date who is well past overdue and Gwen is manning the ticket booth for the Ghost Tour that promises a vision of the mournful Woman in…


“Ed and Ed’s New B&B” by Jeff Pitcher

Nurse Myra Bennett Centre 188 Main Street, Cow Head, NL

Ed is opening his brand new ‘Ed and Ed’s B & B’ and he’s run off his head disinfecting, preparing for a grand ‘Come Home Year’ opening! Regretfully, young Ed has fallen in love with a mainland actress and is following her to Toronto. Added to Ed’s consternation, his ex-wife returns from exile with a…

$17.50 – $35

“Unity (1918)” by Kevin Kerr

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts 555 Ross Creek Road, Canning, Nova Scotia

July 8th- September 4th: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 6:00pm. Sundays at 2pm. In the fall of 1918, the town of Unity, Saskatchewan is celebrating the end of World War One and the return of its young soldiers. However, the resilience of the town is tested as a new and unexpected challenge emerges. In this painfully…

$10 – $34


Studio Theatre - Stratford Festival 34 George Street East, Stratford, Ontario

EVERY LITTLE NOOKIE WORLD PREMIÈRE BY SUNNY DRAKE DIRECTED BY TED WITZEL   When a suburban boomer couple return home to find their queer millennial daughter, Annabel, hosting a swingers’ party to make cash, they’re forced to question the state of their marriage. Annabel, in turn, must ponder her own future when she adds a…


“Winesday: The Musical” by Jenne Wason

Hernder Estate Wines 1607 Eighth Avenue Louth, St. Catharines, Ontario

A wine-themed musical paired with wine tastings for the audience...what’s not to love? ​Winesday is the perfect grape escape from our batshit crazy world. When these five wine-swilling women get together every Wednesday night, they’re theoretically they’re meeting for a book club or a yoga class, but really they just want to drink wine and talk about their…


“The Audio Land Walks” featuring Christina Quintana

Caravan Farm Theatre 4886 Salmon River Road, Armstrong, British Columbia

Caravan Farm Theatre presents the Audio Land Walk series. An immersive audio experience, the Land Walks offer three unique, spellbinding audio creations that lead the listener on a 45 minute walk through our 80 acres. Created by four BC based artists, each story has been purpose built to guide the listener through the land: a…

$10 – $15.75

“Box Concerts” featuring Anna Chatterton, Colleen Murphy

LIVE, OUTDOOR CONCERTS IN TORONTO We’re delighted to bring Box Concerts back for another summer of live outdoor music! Book a concert for your home, and treat your family, friends and neighbours to an opera and musical theatre performance on our charming traveling stage. Box Concerts are available every weekend throughout the summer, and are…


“Made In Italy” by Farren Timoteo

Granville Island Stage 1585 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! YOUR SUMMER JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT FUNNIER In this musical coming-of-age story, you'll step back into the 1970s and meet Francesco Mantini, a second-generation Italian teen struggling to find his place in Jasper, Alberta. Inspired by pop culture icons Rocky Balboa and John Travolta, he reinvents himself as Frank Martin,…

$39 – $69

“The Waltz” by Marie Beath Badian

Blyth Festival 423 Queen St, Blyth, Ontario

Romance/Comedy**WORLD PREMIERE** Those of you who loved 2013’s Prairie Nurse are in for a treat with this world premiere of its sequel. Prairie Nurse told the story of two Filipina nurses working in a small-town Saskatchewan hospital in the 1960s. The Waltz picks up the story a generation later, when the children of these two nurses meet and spend one magical…

$15 – $40

“Craft Bites” with Bill Zaget and Lynne Carol Martin

PGC members have been paired up to share their work and discuss the craft of playwriting with one another. You can tune into these live events and get a glimpse of what these theatre creators have been up to! Craft Bites is open and free to the public.   Registration is now open for audiences!


“Craft Bites” with Alexandria Haber and Grace Chin

PGC members have been paired up to share their work and discuss the craft of playwriting with one another. You can tune into these live events and get a glimpse of what these theatre creators have been up to! Craft Bites is open and free to the public.   Registration is now open for audiences!


“Queen Goneril” by Erin Shields

Soulpepper 50 Tank House Lane, Toronto, Ontario

Lear’s daughter in a man’s world. Set seven years before Shakespeare's legendary play King Lear, Queen Goneril is seen through the eyes of his three daughters fighting a patriarchal system at odds with their aspirations. In Goneril, Regan and Cordelia we find a natural-born leader, a boundary pusher and a reluctant peacekeeper trying to survive and find their…

$25 – $98

“The Foursome” by Norm Foster

"The Foursome" by Norm Foster Touring Niagara – September 6-17, 2022 Directed by Jamie Williams Back by popular demand! Before The Ladies Foursome, Norm Foster wrote The Foursome. A play about four old college chums, home for their fifteen year reunion, hook up for a round of golf and share their successes and failures. A warm, funny play…

“Bad Parent” by Ins Choi

Soulpepper 50 Tank House Lane, Toronto, Ontario

Parenthood isn’t easy. Especially in front of an audience. While most people get to keep their parenting struggles behind closed doors, Charles and Norah are laying theirs bare. As the young couple navigate their life as parents of a toddler, they also try to figure out who they are in relation to each other, their…

$25 – $98
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