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Ongoing Submissions: The National Arts Centre – National Creation Fund

National Arts Centre
March 1, 2019
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Deadline: Ongoing

The National Creation Fund is investing up to $3 million a year in the development of 15 to 20 compelling and ambitious new Canadian works in theatre, dance, music and inter-disciplinary performing arts.

Our focus is on projects that have strong artistic teams and committed producing partners, and that are likely to have national and international impact.

The National Creation Fund is fueled by funds raised from generous donors to the National Arts Centre Foundation’s Creation Campaign, who believe in investing in Canadian Creators.

Submission process

Projects should meet the following criteria:

  • They are led by Canadian creators in theatre, dance, and music;
  • They are artistically ambitious and compelling;
  • They have a strong artistic team and a strong producing or presenting partner; and
  • They are likely to have a national or international impact.

Proposals should be comprised of 2-3 pages outlining your project, how it fits our criteria, and how the National Creation Fund will make your project even better

Proposals should include the following information: 

  • Your artistic team:Who are the key creators, and what work have they done?
  • Your producing and presenting partners:Who are the companies or organizations committed to putting your work on the stage?
  • A description of your project, both on an artistic and a practical level: excite us about your artistic vision, but also tell us about the technical and production plans.
  • Your development plans and a timeline:Tell us how the work will be created, and over what period – research, residencies, workshops, public showings, presentations. We expect that most successful projects will be in development for several years.  What are your long-term ambitions for the work?
  • Your budget:Just the broad strokes at this stage, identifying the anticipated development costs, estimated presentation costs, and your confirmed and anticipated sources of revenue.
  • A statement of what you are looking for from the NCF: How will our investment make your project better?


There are no fixed deadlines for submissions. You can send us your proposal when you and your project are ready. The Fund is working to pave the way for a new model for creation, one that involves long-term, extended development processes. We expect that projects that are successful will be in development for several years. We want to receive your submission early enough so that our investment has time to make a serious impact on your process. However, your project should be at a point where we can see a clear trajectory for the work, with both confirmed and potential artists, presenters and funders. Please contact us if you would like to speak with us specifically about your project.

We will review proposals as we receive them. In Phase One, we will let you know in four to six weeks if your project will be moving to the next phase of consideration. If your project doesn’t meet our criteria, or is not as strong as other submissions, we’ll let you know then. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide feedback at this time.

If your project is advanced to Phase Two, we will be in touch to start a conversation. We’re looking to build a relationship with a project and its creators, so we’ll want to get to know you and the work better.

The timing of our final decision will vary depending on whether your plans are fairly advanced, or are still evolving.

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