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Playwrights Guild of Canada offers an Amateur Rights service to our members, whether you are a full member, supporting, or student! When producers or teachers want to stage a Canadian play, they usually come to PGC first, and submit a request form. What happens after we receive this form? What if it’s your play they want to stage?

Some playwrights handle their own contracts and some have agents who do that work for them. If that’s the case, PGC is happy to forward any rights requests to the correct person so that your play gets produced. Some playwrights don’t enjoy the contract work and don’t have agents, so PGC is here to fill in that gap and handle your contracts for you! If you are a member and interested in signing up for this PGC service, please read about our policies and procedures, and the standard rates for amateur rights.

Playwrights Guild of Canada can handle nonprofessional/amateur rights requests and contracts for our members!

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