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Please read our Policies and Procedures before filling out this Agreement Form.

This form is for playwrights who wish to give PGC permission to administer amateur rights on their behalf.
  • Co-creators are given credit on amateur rights contracts and can be included in the royalty payment plan.
    A higher commission fee will be charged to playwrights who are not full PGC members.
  • If you require PGC to split the royalties amongst all co-creators and pay each person separately, we will need to ask each person for their banking information, address, phone number, and HST/GST#. Payees that are not full members of PGC will be charged a higher Commission Fee.
    PGC will request either a flat rate or a percentage of the box office as is appropriate on a case by case basis. Your royalties are paid to you once the production closes and the company has fully paid for the rights (full payment is due one month after closing performance). You will not receive your royalties in instalments.
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