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The Public Lending Rights Program

Please join the manager of the Public Lending Rights Program, Peter Schneider, for an informative presentation about the Canada Council’s PLR Program and how it provides financial support to registered creators. This talk will cover the PLR basics, including how payments are created, what is eligible for registration, and how to register for the first time or update an existing PLR account.


Join us March 24, 2023 at 2pm EST. 

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Peter Schneider
Manager, Public Lending Right Program
Gestionnaire, Programme du droit de prêt public
Executive Secretary, Public Lending Right Commission
Secrétaire général, Commission du droit de prêt public
Photo: Martin Lipman

Peter Schneider (he/him) has served as the Manager and Executive Secretary to Canada’s Public Lending Right Commission since 2012. In this role, he leads a dedicated team who deliver the PLR Program under the auspices of the Canada Council for the Arts in Ottawa, Canada. He has delivered detailed reports about the evolution and progress of the Canadian PLR Program at numerous PLR International conferences, including Dublin (2013), The Hague (2015), Paris (2017), and London (2019).

The Canadian PLR Program is overseen by the 15-member Public Lending Right Commission, a permanent advisory body which brings together the expertise and guidance of authors, translators, librarians, publishers, and government representatives from both English and French language communities. More than 20,000 creators (authors, illustrators, narrators, photographers, and translators) are presently registered with the Canadian PLR Program. PLR payments are made each February to recognize the public use and value of print books, ebooks, and audiobooks held in public libraries across Canada in all languages. The current PLR budget is nearly $15 million Canadian dollars.

Prior to joining PLR, Peter worked for ten years as a program officer at the Canada Council for the Arts, administering grant competitions to professional writers and to literary and art magazines. His early career experience included stints as an accredited journalist, newspaper editor, and community radio producer.

Craft Bites

Craft Bites is Returning in February 2023!

PGC members have been paired up to share their work and discuss the craft of playwriting with one another. You can tune into these live events and get a glimpse of what these theatre creators have been up to!

Craft Bites is open and free to the public. 

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