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In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we are inviting community members to write Reflection Pieces about their time with PGC. Why did you first become a member? Who or what was important to you then? Has this changed over time? How did your encounters with PGC (e.g. staff members, programs, webinars, etc.) affect your writing, career, skills set, etc.? We would love for you to share your experiences by letting us know what PGC means to you!

Read the Reflection Pieces by clicking on the links below.

“Ask Not What PGC Can Do for You…” by Mark Leiren-Young (2006)

“Where PUC Came From: A Set of Recollections” by Tom Hendry (2007)

“What does PGC mean to me?” by Colleen Ann Fee (May 2021)

“It’s Personal” by Mary Humphrey Baldridge (June 2021)

“What the Playwrights Guild of Canada Means to Me” by Lezlie Wade (January 2022)

Do you have a reflection piece to share? Please send it to

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