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Script Submission Forms

We currently have three different types of Stage Ready Script Submission Forms: New Scripts, Revised Scripts, and Musical Scripts. Please make sure you select the correct submission form.

For un-produced play scripts not yet enrolled in the Stage Ready Program.

For scripts that are currently being sold in the Canadian Play Outlet but now have a new and updated draft to replace the older version.

For any scripts that contain a musical score or specific music instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Stage Ready program allows playwrights to submit scripts that have not been published or produced to be sold and distributed. Scripts are sold digitally or in hard copy through the Canadian Play Outlet (CPO). If your script has not received a professional production, it will be put into the Stage Ready program, and it won’t receive an ISBN. Once your play has a professional production, it will then be moved into the Copyscript program, and it will receive an ISBN at that time.

Once a script is received it can take up to two weeks to process.

Stage Ready scripts are sold for $14.00 (plus tax) unless the playwright requests the script be sold for a different amount. Playwrights receive a 25% royalty from the scripts sold. At PGC’s fiscal year’s end (March/April), the script sales are tallied up, and if the royalty amount is $20 or more, a payment will be sent out to the playwright. If the royalties accumulated are under $20, then that amount will “roll over” into the next year. This continues until the playwright has reached a payout of at least $20.

To enroll in the Stage Ready Program, you can select one of the buttons above and submit your script!

You can click on the Script Revision form above. Fill out the form and attach the newest version of your script in a pdf or word format.

If you want to submit a musical, you can click the Musical Script button above. Fill out the form and attach your script in a pdf or word format. If you would also like to include the score you will also be able to upload the score in a pdf format. Should you wish to provide a link or any other information regarding the score you will be able to include that in the form submission.

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