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Call for Submissions: PHT Creative Hub

Presentation House Theatre
November 24, 2021
333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver, Canada
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The PHT Creative Hub has transformed how we collaborate and share performing arts with our communities. HUB artist members from across performance disciplines fill our spaces, work on their own creative projects, and share their skills and expertise with each other.

Why a Creative HUB?
The HUB came from much organizational soul searching, research, and preparation in response to COVID-19. This flourishing HUB model is now well established at PHT. It continues to fill our spaces with creative energy and work even as pandemic restrictions and impacts lift.

How it works

The intention of the HUB is to reduce barriers for performing arts creators to engage in artistic exploration and creation that is ultimately geared towards public presentation. Most importantly, the HUB is a home for the arts, a mutually-supportive community of artists who feel a sense of connection to PHT and one another.

All HUB members have access to:

  • Studio, theatre, and admin spaces for free, subject to availability
  • Storage for props and set pieces, subject to availability
  • Basic promotion as members of the PHT Creative HUB
  • Limited guidance and mentorship from PHT staff
  • Access to the Artists’ Lounge to work, relax, and share ideas with other HUB members
  • Invitations and inclusion in HUB member events and gatherings

In return, HUB members provide PHT with 24 hours of volunteer time for each year of membership. The membership year runs from July 1-June 30 of every year, but you can join anytime.

The HUB model required a complete reset of how spaces in the historic building are used by artists and audiences. With ongoign health safety measures top of mind, PHT staff reconfigured traffic flow to allow one-way exits and entrances to most rooms and studios. Areas previously used for rehearsal or project development were refitted as micro-performance spaces with full technical capabilities.

Dynamic, flexible, and responsive to health and safety restrictions, these areas allow boutique performances with limited attendance.

For more information on the PHT Creative HUB, please contact Andrea Loewen, PHT Managing Director, at 604.990.3473 or

Simply complete and submit this short HUB application form.


Only registered members can apply for jobs.
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