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This form, when checked by all parties, documents an Agreement between the Host, the Playwright(s), and PGC to all follow the guidelines and responsibilities outlined below.

PGC agrees to pay the Playwright a fee of $125 (for half readings) or $250 (for full readings) after the Playwright Evaluation Form has been submitted.

PGC agrees to act as a network liaison between the Playwright and Host by:

  • Confirming reading logistics and documenting all details.
  • Providing an invoice to the Host for the administration fee.
  • Providing fee payments to the Playwright.
  • Guiding event marketing to the Playwright if needed.


The Host agrees to the following responsibilities:

  • Providing free and open access to all interested community members.
  • Paying an administrative fee of fifty Canadian dollars ($50 CAD) unless subsidized or waived by PGC.
  • Providing the venue or online platform for the reading event.
  • Adhering to Canadian copyright law (e.g. no reproductions or changes to the play without the copyright holder/playwright’s permission).
  • Promoting the event to their community and audience. All promotion will be approved by and shared with PGC.
  • Communicating with PGC about all logistics from the start to the end of the event planning process.
  • Submitting a Host Evaluation Form to PGC once the reading is complete.


The Playwright agrees to the following responsibilities:

  • Watching the “What You Need Before You Read” video before the reading event.
  • Providing PGC with a VOID cheque unless other payment arrangements have been made.
  • Communicating availability and scheduling conflicts with PGC leading up to the event.
  • Reading from the play agreed upon with the Host at the event.
  • Submitting a Playwright Evaluation Form within one month after the reading of the event.
  • Maintaining a Full Membership in good standing with PGC throughout the duration of the PlayConnect booking.


Cancellation Policy:

If the reading event is cancelled after the Playwright has booked transportation, the party responsible for the cancellation must reimburse the playwright of that cost. If the Playwright is the one to cancel the reading, they will not be reimbursed for transportation nor will they receive the reading fee.

If the Host cancels the reading with more than 48 hours notice, PGC will work with the Playwright to find another reading opportunity. If the Host cancels the reading with 48 hours notice or less, PGC will still pay the playwright their reading fee. If the playwright has booked transportation before the Host cancels, the Host is responsible for reimbursing the playwright for that cost.

If the Playwright cancels the reading event with more than 5 business days notice, PGC will work with the Host to find another playwright to read at the scheduled event, if desired.

If PGC cancels the reading event with less than 48 hours, PGC will pay the playwright their reading fee.


Please fill out the following reading event details and agree to the PlayConnect guidelines.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • This applies if the reading is part of a larger event or has been given an event name. If there is no name to the event, you may leave this blank.
  • *** Please do not fill out if you are using an online platform to host the reading.
  • Please put TBD or TBA if the play has not yet been decided on.
  • Please ensure that this is discussed between Host and Playwright ahead of time.
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