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Congratulations on booking a reading with PlayConnect!

Playwrights need to complete the following checklist:

  1. Complete Agreement Form before the reading. This should be done one month before the reading date. (This will be sent to you via email.)
  2. Ensure that PGC has your up-to-date banking information.
  3. You will receive your fee and transportation reimbursement through a direct deposit. If you need to submit banking information or update us with new information, please fill out this secure Bank Information Form.
  4. Stay in communication with your Host and PGC in regards to the reading event plans.
  5. Book your transportation if needed. Keep all transportation receipts and submit with your Transportation Expense Form.
  6. Enjoy your reading :-)
  7. After your reading, please submit a Playwright Reading Evaluation Form. This needs to be submitted within one month of your reading date. (This will be sent to you with your agreement via email.)
  8. After your reading, please submit a Transportation Expense Form. (This needs to be submitted within one month of your reading date and must include receipts.)


Information on Transportation

  • Playwrights will pay for their own transportation and submit receipts (up to $600) to be reimbursed after the reading. Receipts will be submitted with the Transportation Expense Form.
  • Transportation Funds do not cover accommodations or per diems. Receipts for transportation that do not directly apply to the reading event will not be accepted.
  • Since funds are limited, playwrights are required to use the most economical form of travel available.
  • If the playwright is using their personal vehicle, they will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.32/kilometre ($0.52/mile). This rate includes the use of a vehicle and gas expenses.
  • Other forms of travel (bus/ferry/taxi): for other forms of travel the playwright must pay for the ticket and submit their receipt for reimbursement with the Transportation Expense Form.
  • Please note: if you have not sent in the transportation report within one month of the date of the scheduled reading, your transportation funding will be revoked and placed back into the funding pool for other playwrights to use.
  • In the case of a cancellation or postponement of the reading by the host organization, the host will reimburse PGC for the playwright’s travel expenses (if ticket has already been purchased). If the time, date or location of the reading changes, please notify PGC so we may update our calendar.


We hope that you enjoyed your PlayConnect experience!

Please email PGC at any time to check in and ask questions:

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