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Prize: $500

Funding for the award is generously sponsored by The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation.

Award Submission Guidelines:

  • Applicants for this award need to be under the age of 30 at time of submission,  reside within the Province of Ontario, and be a full time secondary or post-secondary student.
  • Applicants for this award DO NOT need to be PGC members. 
  • This award is for one-act plays of no more than 60 minutes performance length.
  • Plays must not have been previously staged except at school readings.  The receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged electronically.
  • The submitted play can be an original work, a translation (see note below), or an adaptation.
  • The submitted play must be written in English or be an English translation.
  • Adaptations are accepted, but must involve substantial changes in form and/or expression. If the adapted work is not in the public domain, the playwright must include written permission from the original creator.
  • Permission for any copyrighted material needs to be obtained before submission.
  • If there is more than one author (including co-writer, composer, etc) all authors must be included on the application form.
  • If you are submitting a play with music, you can provide up to 5 music samples.
  • If music, of which the playwright submitting is not the creator, written permission(s)  must be provided for the use of the music in their script.
  • There can be no hyperlinks to music or hyperlinks to anything else in your script.  

Please note: All submitted scripts must have the playwright’s name and any identifying features removed. Scripts submitted with the creator’s name will not be accepted into the competition.

Please note: This form cannot accept files larger than 10 MB. If your files are larger than 10MB, please send through WeTransfer to

Questions? Contact Mindy Doherty Griffiths, Public Relations Manager for Playwrights Guild of Canada at 416-703-0201, or email

Please note that our staff does not work on Saturday or Sunday and cannot respond to your questions during that time.

DEADLINE: Complete application forms must be submitted by March 21st 2024 at 11:59pm PST.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $21.50 per title entered.  No Refunds for incorrect submissions.

PGC cannot provide feedback for plays submitted to this award.


There are two steps for the submission process this year.  

Step 1: Please click on the link to access the registration form with details pertaining to your submission. Once your membership has been verified, you will then move onto step two.  

Step 2:  You will receive a link to the email address you provided in your submission form for uploading your play and paying the submission application fee.  

Submissions open February 5th, 2024 and close March 21st, 2024 at 11:59pm Pacific time.  

Late applications will not be accepted. 

Incomplete submissions will not be considered for an award. Once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be changed, updated, or otherwise altered in any way. Entrants seeking to correct errors or provide updates must re-submit again using the same process as the first entry (including the fee). 


If this form does not meet your visual or accessibility needs, or if you require a different format, we are happy to assist with a different process.  Please call our office at 416-703-0201, or email 

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