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Discover the past winners and revisit the original plays that have moved, inspired and challenged us. Some of these plays may be available for purchase through the Canadian Play Outlet. You can also request a reading with the playwrights through our PlayConnect program (the playwright must be a full member of PGC).

  • Robert More (2023), Jessica’s Fine Adventure
  • Jovanni Sy (2022), The Tao of The World
  • Sunny Drake (2021), Every Little Nookie
  • Paul Van Dyck (2020), Siberian Summer
  • Kristen Da Silva (2019), Hurry Hard
  • Damien Atkins (2018), Misericordia
  • Claude Montminy (2017), Maestro
    Translators: Nina Lauren & Danielle Ellen
  • Kristen Da Silva (2016),  Gibson & Sons
  • Lorne Elliott (2015), Mom Runs Amok
  • Douglas E. Hughes & Marcia Kash (2014), Something Fishy
  • Lucas Foss (2013), Little Voices
  • Michael Grant (2012), Shorthanded
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