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Discover the past winners and revisit the original plays that have moved, inspired and challenged us. Some of these plays may be available for purchase through the Canadian Play Outlet. You can also request a reading with the playwrights through our PlayConnect program (the playwright must be a full member of PGC).

  • Keith Barker (2020), This Is How We Got Here 
  • Amy Rutherford (2019), Mortified
  • Matthew Mackenzie (2018), Bears
  • Kate Hennig (2017), The Virgin Trial
  • Lisa Codrington (2016), Up the Garden Path
  • Jordan Tannahill (2015), Concord Floral
  • Colleen Murphy (2014), Pig Girl
  • David Yee (2013), carried away on the crest of a wave
  • Don Hannah (2012), The Cave Painter
  • Anusree Roy (2011), Brothel #9
  • Michael Nathanson (2010), Talk
  • Vern Thiessen (2009), Vimy
  • Colleen Murphy (2008), The Demeber Man
  • Stephen Massicotte (2007), The Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion
  • John Mighton (2006), Half Life
  • Mieko Ouchi (2005), The Red Priest (Eight Ways To Say Goodbye)
  • Florence Gibson (2004), Home is My Road
  • Daniel Goldfarb (2003), Adam Baum and the Jew Movie
  • Kent Stetson (2002), The Harps of God
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