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Leading up to the online AGM, we are hosting 3 breakout sessions, or “Playdates” on Zoom. Each Playdate will provide a space for an expanded discussion on one of the AGM agenda items. The topics of the Playdates were voted on by the National Forum reps in March.

Join PGC staff for one-hour informal sessions discussing Professional Development Outlets, the Canadian Play Outlet, and the Pathways to PGC program respectively. Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of our initiatives, and what new ideas are on the horizon.  Bring your questions, concerns and feedback to each session, and have your say about PGC’s programs.

Learn more about the AGM Playdates, and Register below!

Professional Development Outlets

Tuesday, May 28th, 4pm EST

How can we best provide or improve upon opportunities for your professional development? Join Executive Director Robin Sokoloski, Membership Coordinator Idil Djafer, and Project Coordinator Leila Darragh, for a one-hour conversation discussing the strengths and weaknesses of programming, as well as new possibilities. Bring your questions, concerns and feedback!

The Canadian Play Outlet

Monday, June 3rd, 4pm EST

How can we best help you distribute your work? Join Program Manager Sarah Duncan for virtual tour of the physical Canadian Play Outlet at our office in Toronto, as well of the digital CPO. Learn how the CPO functions, and about our ideas for animating the space. Bring your questions, concerns and feedback!

Pathways to PGC

Tuesday, June 11th, 4pm EST

How can we bring programming events and career advancing opportunities to your neighbourhood? Join Project Coordinator Leila Darragh for a one-hour conversation. Bring your questions, concerns and feedback!


(1) Creator Exchanges  (Idil)
(2) Webinars – (Leila)
(3) New Ideas – (Robin)

For questions contact:


(1) Tour of physical CPO & questions
(2) Tour of digital CPO & questions

For questions, contact:


(1) National Forum rep shares Pathways to PGC experience
(2) Pathways to PGC program mandate
(3) What Pathways programs are coming up?

For questions, contact:

Register for AGM Playdate(s)

  • Please fill out the following form to let us know which AGM playdates you'd like the register for, and what questions you'd like to have addressed in the session(s). A reminder email will be sent out the day before each session with a link to the Zoom meeting. If you have questions or concerns, please email
  • Thank you!

    Once you hit submit, you are registered! You will receive confirmation of registration by email, and a reminder email with the meeting link will be sent to you the day prior to the session.
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