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In 2019 PGC will be hosting its first ever online AGM, on the Zoom digital meeting platform. The date of the AGM is set for Monday, June 17th, 4 – 6pm EST. A registration link will be provided to members in our May 15th Canscene mailer.


AGM Playdates

Leading up the the AGM, we will be hosting 3 pre-AGM breakout sessions, or “Playdates” on Zoom. Each session will focus on 1 AGM agenda item, and provide members a chance to gain more insight into the topic, as well as ask questions, and have their say.

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Viewing Parties

Viewing Parties will be hosted in cities across the country by National Forum reps, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Halifax.  These viewing parties will provide local members the opportunity to gather together with their local PGC community and enjoy refreshments and snacks while they participate in the AGM.   Please contact your National Forum rep for more information on your local Viewing Party.


Help us create our Land Acknowledgement!

Send a picture of the land you live on to We will feature all the images in a slide-show as we offer a Land Acknowledgment to open the AGM in June.

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