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For those of you who missed the Women’s Caucus Meeting on March 8th, 2021 (International Women’s Day), we partnered with The Cultch’s Digital Storytelling Team and used an online platform called GatherTown, which allowed us to roam about a virtual reconstruction of the theatre while interacting with each other and special program features via animated avatars. While we cannot recreate the experience for those of you who missed it, we can post some of the featured content so you can view it after the fact:

  1. Welcome Speech: Women’s Caucus Committee Chair, Kelley Jo Burke, welcomes everyone to PGC’s Annual Women’s Caucus Meeting (4-minutes). CLICK HERE.
  2. Accountability Buddies: How Friends Can Help You Get Your Writing Done: In this video, PGC members Marcia Johnson and Alexis Diamond discuss their long-distance friendship, and how it helps them navigate the complexities of the writing life (10-minutes). CLICK HERE.
  3. Yoga and Meditation Health Break: PGC member Celia McBride delivers a short yoga and meditation break to relax the mind, strengthen the body, and rejuvenate the spirit (10-minutes). CLICK HERE.
  4. Gender Parity Beyond the Binary: In this video, Avery Jean Brennan (They/ Them),Brandon Crone (They/He), and Christine Quintana (She/Her) crack a Bubly and discuss their work surrounding PGC’s newly formed Two-Spirit, Trans, and Non-Binary Steering Committee. What is the future of gender parity at PGC? (22-minutes). CLICK HERE.
  5. Keynote Speech: Emcee, director, and award-winning playwright Donna-Michelle St. Bernard shares ideas for advocacy and social action. What can writers do to address the times and pressing social issues? (12-minutes). CLICK HERE.
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