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SureFire is a biennial undertaking of PGC’s Women’s Caucus. It is a community generated resource of plays by Canadian women, trans, and non-binary creators shared with the larger community as a means to provide the sector with a tool to help redress the ever-lingering problem of under-representation in the theatre industry.

For SureFire 2022, we are changing it up with a special and different kind of edition in honour of PGC’s 50th Anniversary. This time around, PGC’s Women’s Caucus members will serve as the Recommenders of both their own and other people’s work.

Using the form below, please provide the name of your favourite “passion pick” play by a Canadian woman, trans, or non-binary artist, as well as the name of one of your own beloved plays that you would like to share with the public. The only caveat is that plays from SureFire 2018 and SureFire 2020 are not eligible for this round, but the same playwrights are (click on the links to see the past SureFire lists).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rebecca Burton, PGC’s Membership Manager at:

This form will remain open until April 29, 2022.

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