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One-on-one consultation between playwrights and the PGC staff!

Are you a new member looking for a tour of PGC’s programs and services? Are you an existing member looking to brush up on what PGC has to offer? During an online one-on-one chat, a PGC staff member can personally walk you through the website; answer specific questions you have about a program; and guide you through helpful resources for a project you are working on. Book a Zoom chat with us and discover how PGC can support you!


PGC’s Open Office Hours are Thursdays between 3-4 pm EST.

Available to all members!


Select from the dates below to sign up:

If you are not available for Thursday Zoom calls but still have questions about PGC’s programs, please email or call us at 416-703-0201.

Assistance is available for anyone who needs help with registration. You can email us at or call the office at 416-703-0201.

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