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The Pathways to PGC (P2P) initiative is piloting exciting regional programming in order to enhance and multiply opportunities for professional development and community networking for our membership across Canada!

For every round of P2P programming, PGC launches a “Call to Action” asking members to share their ideas for meaningful and impactful programming through our Idea Form. These ideas are then forwarded to the National Forum Reps as inspiration, to help them develop full-fledged programming for their region. Idea form, and Program Proposal deadlines are listed below, and updated according to the P2P program cycle.

PGC has successfully rolled out impactful programming in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Vancouver, during the Winter of 2018/2019, and early Spring. Upcoming P2P programming includes the Atlantic Edge Conference for Playwrights in Fredericton, NB, in October, and a Playwright’s Unit in Thunder Bay, ON in the fall.

The deadline for Idea Form submissions is February 28th

The deadline for the Proposal Form submissions is March 15th

Please read the Program Guidelines thoroughly before applying.

Submissions for our 2019 Summer/Fall programming are now closed

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