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Purpose Pathways to PGC (P2P) seeks to generate exciting, relevant, and unique regional programming for and by our members, in addition to attracting new members, enriching and growing our network. We encourage programming that holds this mandate at its core. 


Budget  As a pilot, PGC is investing $10,000 in this year’s Pathways to PGC program. Budgeting is determined by the needs of each proposed Pathways program request, and the number of programs being financed.

General Guidelines


  • Programming should be geared towards PGC’s membership, and the needs of the playwriting community in your region.
  • Programming must take place within your region, but may engage and intersect with other regions.
  • Programming must be oriented to PGC members, but should also be open to the inclusion of non-members.
  • Programs must be financially accessible to participants.
  • Program Stewards (coordinators/administrators) must be PGC members, and will be paid an honorarium, determined by the time spent stewarding the program.
  • Program Stewards may be featured in the programming (i.e. speak on a panel, or showcase their work), but may not gear the event or programming solely towards the promotion of their own work.
  • Venue choice should be accessible and meet the needs of people with disabilities.





  • Must outline well-developed, comprehensive programming with a clear impact potential.
  • Must provide detailed budget forecasts within the bounds of the budget limit.
  • Must be relevant to the needs of the given region, as well as to PGC’s membership.


Eligible Programming
  • Programming with professional development, creative discourse, or career advancement components.
  • Workshops, lectures, facilitated retreats, and seminars presented by and for PGC members .
  • Reading series, festivals, exhibitions, and other public events showcasing PGC members and their work.


Ineligible Programing

  • Retreats without a facilitated professional or skills development component.
  • Programming unrelated to the mandate of PGC– ie. outside of the focus of playwriting.
  • Fundraising or awards presentation events.
  • Events that do not pay honoraria, speakers fees, or travel expenses to presenters.
  • Events with eligible expenses fully supported by grants from other funding agencies.
  • Events that are solely or significantly dedicated to the promotion, development, or production of a Program Steward’s work.


Eligible Program Ideas
(Not limited to; can be combination of)


Professional Development 

  • Production Development 
      -Ie. First Scene Challenge, etc.
  • Mentorships
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses
      -Requires a partnership
  • Lectures/Keynotes


  • Conferences
  • Networking Events
      -I.e Creator Socials
  • Creative Partnerships/Hybrid Events
      -I.e Sing for your Supper
  • Cross-Sector Meetups
      -Networking with professionals outside of sector


  • Panels
    -Must be innovative and engaging
  • Creator Exchanges
      -I.e AD, City, or other exchanges
  • Readings
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Play-Connect



Eligible Expenses
  • Travel for Speakers  
  • Accommodation for Speakers  
  • Playwright Readings  
  • Catering  
  • Honoraria for Program Stewards
  • Honoraria for Speakers
  • Equipment/Venue Rental
  • Documentation
      -Ie. photography, videography, live streams etc.)


Other Expense Information
  • Upon submission of expense receipts, PGC will reimburse you for programming costs.   
  • If you need to have expenses covered prior to your event, you can request ahead of time that PGC cover them, and we will do so.
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