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Grant Opportunity: Access Copyright Foundation

Access Copyright Foundation
February 7, 2023
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Access Copyright Foundation has three grant programs to support creators, publishers, organizations and arts professionals in their work:
  • Marian Hebb Research Grants support inquiry, information gathering and exploration to individuals and organizations relevant to Canadian publishing, writing and visual arts, and toward the realization of a publishable work in progress. [Deadline: FEB 15]
  • Professional Development Grants support artistic and professional skills development for individuals and organizations engaged in the creation, production and publication of text and images. [Deadline: APR 01]
  • Events Grants provide funding to organizations and artists groups to showcase publishable works to the public or to host professional development events for writers, visual artists, publishers and related arts professionals. [Deadline: NOV 01]

Access Copyright Foundation grants are administered by SK Arts on behalf of Access Copyright Foundation. Applications are submitted through the SK Arts online portal.

Deadlines and Grant Amounts

Marian Hebb Research Grants

February 15

For creators: Up to $7,500 (Grant A) or $3,000 (Grant B)

For publishers: Up to $10,000 for organizations and publishers

Professional Development Grants

April 1

Up to $3,000 for creators, arts professionals, organizations and publishers

Events Grants

November 1

Up to $7,500 for artists groups, organizations and publishers

Who is Eligible to Apply

Access Copyright Foundation programs support the following types of creators, arts professionals, artist groups, and organizations and publishers working in publishing and the literary and visual arts.


Professional writers and visual artists who have completed formal or informal training in their discipline, maintain an artistic practice, and publish or present their work in a manner recognized by their professional peers. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • One professionally published book (excluding self-published books and chapbooks)
  • One exhibition catalogue
  • Eight publications in periodicals or journals.

Arts Professionals

Self-employed professionals working freelance in the writing, publishing and visual arts sector, including but not limited to:
  • Editors, book coaches, translators, illustrators and designers
  • Publicists, independent literary agents, marketing and promotion specialists
  • Program, editorial, administrative, marketing and production staff of eligible organizations and publishers
  • Publishing consultants.

Arts professionals must be self-employed, have formal or informal training and a résumé demonstrating their contribution to the creation, production, presentation or promotion of publishable Canadian content. Eligible organizations may apply on behalf of their employees or contract workers. Please refer to the Program Guidelines.

Artist Groups

Informal collectives or small groups of professional writers or visual artists that:
  • Have a mandate to provide mutual support, critique, discourse, professional or skills development
  • Have a minimum of five active members
  • Have met or have convened online at least monthly for one year prior to the date of application.

Organizations and Publishers

Publishers or publishing, writing and visual arts organizations located in Canada that:
  • Are legally registered in Canada as non-profit organizations, or are independent professional book or periodical publishers at least 75% Canadian-owned and controlled
  • Have a program mandate that supports the interests of Canadian writers or visual artists
  • Provide advocacy, research, promotion, public education, professional development and other support services to Canadian publishers, writers or visual artists or provide advocacy, research, promotion, public education, professional development and other support services to Canadian publishers, writers or visual artists, or
  • Are literary or visual arts institutions in Canada operated by municipalities or government bodies that maintain artistic control and separate financial records.

Eligible organizations and publishers must apply on behalf of program, editorial, administrative, marketing and production staff, including term or contract employees.


Please refer to the Access Copyright Foundation Guidelines for further information on eligible projects, application guidelines and funding limits. We encourage you to contact the Access Copyright Foundation Program Consultant if you have any questions about these programs or your proposed project.

Travel restrictions, lockdowns and safety concerns due to Covid-19 have had a major impact on arts activity across the world. Access Copyright Foundation continues to support project activities in its three programs, whether virtual or in-person. You may apply for expenses related to remote learning, online events, and at-home research. Please consult the grant guidelines for eligible expenses and contingency plans, and contact the Program Consultant to discuss your project.

Only registered members can apply for jobs.
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