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Call for Submissions: (Writers) – Confronting Unconscious Bias

Business and Arts NL
September 22, 2022
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Call for Submissions

Business and Arts NL, TODOS Productions, and the Resource Centre for the Arts are seeking six writers to write monologues for an initiative titled “Unconscious Bias Moments: Art as a Tool for Confronting Unconscious Bias”.

This project will harness the expressive power of art to provide powerful moments of reflection around unconscious bias, and galvanize action. The final product will be six three-minute videos; first-person monologues, written by NL writers, and performed by NL actors, sharing a personal perspective on unconscious bias. Each “Unconscious Bias Moment” video will be accompanied by provocations and calls to action, in order to guide a meaningful dialogue in response to each video. These 5-10 minute activities will allow workplace teams to touch upon this important topic in the same format as familiar “safety moments” or “values moments”.

These monologues should expose a point of view where an individual has experienced a moment of bias towards themselves or performed towards others, or witnessed and/or learned something about unconscious bias (for example, being misjudged, overlooked, feeling like they “don’t fit” because of systemic barriers, experiencing ageism, or acknowledging one’s privilege that has unintentionally harmed someone, etc.).

Writers from equity-seeking groups (Indigenous, Black, migrant, racialized, deaf, persons with disabilities, and/or 2SLGBTNBQQIA+ people) will be prioritized for participation in this initiative. If you wish to self-identify, please do so in your expression of interest. No previous professional experience is required.

Selected writers will work remotely with Santiago Guzmán, artistic director for TODOS Productions, from November 2022 – March 2023 for the development of their monologue. Santiago will provide writing skills, feedback and dramaturgical support throughout the writing process. Sobia Shaikh, anti-racist activist and author, will consult with Santiago and the selected writers in the unfolding of the process.

Artist fee: $800 per monologue

Once completed, these works will be translated into video monologues, cast and directed by Santiago. Business and Arts NL, along with an advisor from the business community, will create discussion prompts and calls to action to accompany each video.

Interested? Please submit the following in written or video format, or request a 1-1 meeting to discuss your eligibility and interest in the project. 

  • A one-page (maximum) cover letter that includes a brief description of the perspective of unconscious bias you would like to explore;
  • A one-page bio/resume with your contact info;
  • A sample of your previous written work;

Written submissions should be sent as a single pdf.

Video submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Please email us for assistance at any point in the submission process. We want to make submitting an accessible process for everyone. Please send your submissions to:


Submissions must be received no later than Oct 7, 2022.

Selection of successful applications will take place mid-October, and successful applicants will be notified no later than November 1.

Participants will work with Santiago through November 2022 – March 2023.

Final drafts will be due March 1, 2023.

Filming of the monologues is anticipated to take place in June, 2023, with the final package of videos with discussion guides launched publicly and available to all members of Business and Arts NL in January, 2024.


Is this opportunity open only to artists who are from, or live permanently, in Newfoundland and Labrador?

This program is designed to foster understanding between members of our community. Therefore, writers who are currently residing in Newfoundland and Labrador will be prioritized. People without permanent residence status are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Can I submit pre-existing works to be included?

No, we’re looking to commission new works for this initiative, and so previous works won’t be accepted as is, but you are welcome to explore seed ideas from previous works in this process.

What format should I be submitting in?

Written submissions should be sent in a single Word or PDF file.

Video submissions should be sent as MP4, MOV or a link to a file posted to a Youtube or Vimeo channel.

Will I retain my copyright to the work once it has been recorded?

Yes, you will retain the copyright to your writing. The videos will be owned by Business and Arts NL, who will have permission to disseminate them to their membership at no cost.

Who will see this monologue/video?

This series of videos and discussion guides will be offered at no cost to all business and nonprofit members of Business and Arts NL, currently comprising about 50 businesses and 40 arts organizations.



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