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Call for Submissions: Rising Moon Program

Nightwood Theatre
January 23, 2023
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Nightwood Theatre’s Rising Moon Program encourages brave explorations in creativity by providing weekly prompts and tools for various approaches in writing. With the focus on play rather than final product, this intimate digital collective will take steps toward finding their voice and building a creative community among young people. The program is open to individuals aged 16 to 19 who identify as trans or cis girls, trans boys, Two Spirit or non-binary. This program is being offered for folks in the GTA for free or by donation.

If you have any questions regarding applying, if you require assistance in completing this application or you would prefer to apply using an alternate format (ie. over the phone, video, or anything else), please contact Taylor Trowbridge at

Program runs 6 weeks – February 28 – April 11, 2023  (March 14th off for spring break)

Tuesdays, 4:30 – 6 pm ET. Meetings take place online over Zoom.

Deadline to apply: February 12, 5pm ET. 

Applicants will be notified regarding admission by February 14th.



Amanda Lin 林美智 (she/her) is an emerging Taiwanese-Canadian theatre artist who specializes in writing, performance, direction, and arts administration. She is a recent(ish) graduate of Queen’s University, where she studied social psychology, theatre, and business, with her area of research centring on attitudes and social influence. She is particularly interested in cultivating spaces of care and connection within theatre, and providing a platform for underrepresented people and stories. Amanda is an alumni of Nightwood Theatre’s Young Innovators Program and fu-GEN Asian-Canadian Theatre’s Kitchen Playwriting unit. She has also worked with companies such as Why Not Theatre, the Paprika Festival, Ergo Arts Theatre, Single Thread Theatre Company, the Kick and Push Festival, Thousand Islands Playhouse, and Young People’s Theatre. She currently works at Nightwood Theatre as their Development & Engagement Associate, Cahoots Theatre as their Development Coordinator, and the Kingston Theatre Alliance as their Blog Editor. Visit Amanda online at


Rising Moon creates a brave space for participants to share their writing, their hearts and their minds. Below are writing samples that the participants have chosen to share publicly. We applaud these courageous writers and their ability to explore the topics they are most drawn to exploring.

Chapter 2022: Citizens Of The World – Let Peace Begin by  Y.A.M.A


If you want a reason to kill, then ask the agents of peace. Well, they say that all you have to do is summon the spirit of peace. But when did peace, the presence of conflicts with the absence of violence ever become a great reason to kill? What is peace if it’s acquired through the means of violence? But I guess now the means justify the end and that is what they call peace. A territorial commodity won through violence. And yet, I firmly believe that war and victory in the same sentence is an oxymoron in all its sense. If not then peace has lost all its meaning. So what is peace other than the product of Capitalism? Is peace a manufactured Utopia? I’m asking you, what is peace if the power that a nation holds is more important than the lives lost in battle? Why burn with fire, what can be solved with water? All I know is that peace will be found when the value of life is freed from the love of power, often held by Atlas. For now I could only imagine what peace is. Then tell me what do you or can you imagine, when the symphony of peace strokes your fawning ears? Most importantly, know that whatever you imagine is not merely a dream, as it will lead the way for humanity. With only more questions that arise and are dying to be answered by our generation and the next through change. In the end, I can’t help but hope that I will only rest in peace when change is known to and by all that stand or fall.



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