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On September 23rd, 2019, the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto hosted the second annual Tom Hendry Nominee Gala, a special lead-up event to the Tom Hendry Awards ceremony (in October) produced in collaboration with Playwrights Guild of Canada and the Storefront Theatre’s Sing For Your Supper.

The shortlisted nominees for the 2019 Tom Hendry Awards were announced live at the event. Readings of excerpts from the following plays nominated for the RBC Emerging Playwright Award were coordinated by The StoreFront Theatre’s Sing For Your Supper:

Hallelujah It’s Holly by Jesse LaVercombe

Thomas Gough
Andrea Irwin Brown

Matthew Gouveia
Franny McCabe-Bennett
John Rammell

Harmony Mall by Gillian Clark

Julie Burris
Victoria Urquhart

*An actor of South Asian descent was originally cast for the role of Saskia, however, due to last minute illness, she was replaced by a non-South Asian actor in order to proceed with the reading. The Playwrights Guild of Canada wants to recognize that representation is of critical importance to the artistic integrity of each work, and honour the intent of this work to question allyship and white guilt.

The Cole Porter Suite by Elyse Friedman

Jorie Morrow
Julie Burris
Marlo Shaw
Martha Spence
Carole Miles

A staged reading of an excerpt from Elyse Friedman's The Cole Porter Suite.
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