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“Stitch” libretto by Anna Chatterton

October 17 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

Third Eye Theatre Ensemble presents a live double bill of Juliet Palmer’s “Stitch” and Alexandra Enyart’s “Witness”.
Sat, Oct 17, 2020, 8:00 PM EDT

About this Event

Join Third Eye Theatre Ensemble for a digital live double bill of “Stitch” by Juliet Palmer – with libretto by Anna Chatterton, and Alexandra Enyart’s “Witness”. Both stories navigate isolation, yearning, and growth through the woman’s gaze. Through these two pieces, we explore universal yearning to both see and be seen. *


“Stitch” is told by three women trapped in manufacturing for the oppressive fast fashion industry. The women take on characteristics of three Grecian Fates, their voices converging with their sewing machines, as they strive for survival in a sweatshop environment. We present this work through a mix of prerecorded and live media.

The Three Fates pass the shared eye to Alexandra Enyart as she performs her new piece, “Witness”. In this Appalachian folk-inspired, organic exploration of transgender identity for voice and banjo, the singer invites us to grapple with what it means to live ‘unseen.’ Alexandra proves that our journey is not a lost opportunity to be ‘normal’, but a gained opportunity to speak a shared experience across perceived boundaries. She eloquently says, “60% of trans people attempt suicide and my goal is to lower that number. This project is about my personal battle to not become part of that 60%. […] I am taking the imperfect action I can take to tell stories that can be meaningful and relevant to the audiences that see them.”


We’re thrilled to present these pieces to a worldwide audience for the first time!

*Content Warning: Third Eye strives to produce shows that are culturally relevant and impactful. Please be aware our shows this year do include some explicit language as well as themes of worker abuse, suicide, and emotional distress. Not recommended for children under 17.

*Approximate total run time is 95 minutes.

“Stitch” is approximately 35 minutes

Followed by 10 minute intermission

“Witness” is approximately 50 minutes

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