our place by Kanika Ambrose | Cahoots Theatre and Theatre Passe Muraille Co-Production

our place takes us to Jerk Pork Castle in Scarborough— “if you don’t know about it, you better be about it and ask about it!”— where newcomers Andrea and Niesha work in exchange for cash under the table. As the two scrape out a life in Canada, they must also navigate their status as undocumented workers.

This funny, keenly observant script unveils the lives of these undocumented Caribbean workers who go to desperate lengths to get Canadian  citizenship — a moving, timely story of those rendered invisible in a ‘welcoming’ Canada.

Show Runs

November 18 – December 3, 2022


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace Theatre, 16 Ryerson Avenue, Toronto


Pay What You Can Afford between three price points:

$10 | $30 | $60

our place
COVID 19 Protocols

Everyone entering our theatre must wear a mask while in the building
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PLEASE NOTE: November 25th’s performance of our place will be exclusively for a Black audience titled a Black Out Night. Black Out Nights are inspired by the event of the same name in the Fall of 2019 for Jeremy O’Harris’ Slave Play on Broadway. The spirit behind this evening is to provide a space for Black theatre-goers to experience a show for them, by them. The Black Out Night event also facilitates a safe environment for a personal and intimate discussion on the work made and performed by Black artists. We thank you in advance for supporting these artists and Theatre Passe Muraille as we facilitate an opportunity for a community to celebrate and enjoy a performance made for Black audiences.
*A photographer will be present for this performance. For questions and inquiries please reach out to media@passemuraille.on.ca
For more information: Black Out Nights at TPM