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If the Playwright gives permission to Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) to administer amateur rights on their behalf, then PGC will handle those contracts with the following policies and procedures:


  • PGC will notify the playwright every time there is an amateur rights request. That way, the playwright may ensure that there are no conflicts with professional production


  • Playwrights Guild of Canada will charge the standard amateur rates unless the production seems to be at a professional level. PGC will then discuss a higher semi-professional rate with the playwright, or pass the rights request onto the playwright. PGC can help find the right semi-professional rate that works for the playwright, but the playwright will always make the final decision.


  • Once the playwright approves the request and allows PGC to handle the contract, PGC will send a contract and invoice over to the company and communicate with them about their production plans in regards to the contract.


  • Once the company sends back a signed contract, PGC will notify the playwright of the production details and will make sure the playwright is set up to receive royalties.


  • Royalties will be processed once the show is done and the final payment has been sent to PGC by the company. If the full payment has been received on time (one month after the closing performance), then PGC will send royalties to the playwright within three months of the closing performance.


  • PGC will take a 10% commission on all amateur contracts for our Full members. If the playwright is not a full member, PGC will take a 15% commission.


  • If the company pays in Canadian dollars, the playwright will be paid royalties in Canadian dollars. If the company pays in US funds, the playwright will receive their royalties in US Dollars.


  • Playwrights Guild of Canada will pay the playwright their Canadian royalties via direct deposit, unless the playwright requests a cheque. For direct deposits, the playwright is required to keep PGC up to date with their banking information.


  • As stated on the Amateur Rights Agreement Form, the playwright receiving royalties is responsible for splitting royalties with any co-creators unless otherwise set up with PGC.
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